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We dream of a community full of hope and joy. Where children feel safe and families are restored. Where neighbours are TRANSFORMED and FREE from the chains of poverty. We are committed to WALKING with our neighbours that SEEK a brighter tomorrow.

Pathway of Hope is an intensive 4 -12 month support & mentorship initiative for Vancouver neighbours that wish to take back control of their lives. Multiple support systems will be provided during the journey, in the hopes of bring holistic stability.

We believe the most effective way for our participants to succeed is when they realize their inner strengths, regain their dignity, and have a sense of community. Pathway of Hope connect participants with caseworkers, emotional and spiritual support, volunteers, community programs and external resources.


Who Can Join?

You are eligible if you are ready to take
action to improve your future!

What Will It Involve?

Caring today for your needs, while building a strong future can be challenging. Our team will work alongside you on your journey!

Apply Online Today!

If you would like help from Salvation Army Boundless Vancouver, please fill out the online form and complete the assessment so we can get to know you better. A staff member will contact you afterwards about the program.

The Hope impact


Iraj Khabazian

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, I felt isolated and lost when it came to my professional career. Joining Pathway of Hope created an opportunity to set new goals and take actions to achieve the dreams I have. Because of Pathway of Hope, I could focus on important opportunities to volunteer and to serve the community. Thank you so much for changing my life."


Mary Salley

“Pathway of Hope is a great program for me. I learnt a lot about myself and it helped me to keep going even when I felt like I didn't have what it takes to go on. It reminds me that God is with me through this process."


Soohyang Cho

“After I come here, I become more positive and energetic. I live alone so nobody talked to me. I am so blessed to meet Debby, my caseworker. She is strong, smart and very kind, providing me with advice on how to change my lifestyle, my presentation skills and how to achieve my goals step by step. I like her so so much..."

Today, about 3.4 million Canadians, including over 622,000 children live in poverty. Many living in poverty often face a cycle of recidivism - where they move from crisis to crisis and remain vulnerable. Pathway of Hope focuses on identifying and addressing root cause issues for people living in poverty.


Our Team

Two essential roles in Pathway of Hope is the Caseworker and the Spiritual & Emotional Care Representative.

Caseworker manages the social services functions and builds the relationship with the participant. They facilitate the planning of short & long term goals, and afterwards supports the participants as the plans are put into action.

The Spiritual & Emotional Care Representative provides individualized supports to nurture participant well-being from a holistic perspective. In addition, they provide a link to spiritual communities and mental health resources.


Debby Yang

Pathway of Hope Caseworker

Debby joined the Boundless Vancouver in 2020, signed up as a frontline volunteer then worked as part/full time caseworker positions. Now she focuses on the Pathway of Hope initiative.

Born in Taiwan, spent school time in the United States. Debby is familiar with Asian cultural values, this is beneficial in an understanding of Asian families with her language skills. She was trained to be the counselor for domestic violence, emotional support and the addiction coach, she also worked many years in the legal industry before she joined the team.

Outside of work, Debby’s love of creativity includes fine art photography, hiking, zumba, salsa dancing, cooking, traveling, music and playing piano.

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Kalvin Shum

Pathway of Hope Caseworker

Kalvin began his journey serving his local community as a volunteer in 2018 at a local refugee organization called Journey Home Community. After working with refugees for a couple years on a casual basis, Kalvin felt called to move into social services full-time. Leaving his full-time employment in the film industry, Kalvin joined Salvation Army Boundless Vancouver in 2021. Kalvin is driven by the powerful teaching of Jesus about compassion and mercy in the parable of the Good Samaritan. Each time he reads it; it always ends with Christ’s call to action, “Go and do likewise”. As a Pathway of Hope caseworker, he hopes to embody that same energy of compassion and mercy in his interactions with Vancouver neighbours in Pathway of Hope. Outside of work, you will find Kalvin playing volleyball, bouldering, hiking and having good coffee chats.


Joy De Castro

Pathway of Hope Caseworker

Joy has been a caseworker at Boundless Vancouver for over 4 years providing emergency support and referrals. Prior to Boundless, Joy has worked at other social organizations including Neighbourhood Houses and a Newcomers Centre for refugees in capacities related to food and community. She is passionate about community, food and connecting individuals and families to information and resources. She enjoys gardening, cycling, travel, dance, playing music and spending time with family and friends.




Joy Warren

Spiritual & Emotional Care Representative

Joy joined the Boundless Vancouver team in January 2022 as a Community Chaplain. With years of experience providing pastoral care for others, Joy believes that at the core of her role as Chaplain lies the ministry of Presence. Life can be difficult, but it does not need to be lived alone. If you would like prayer, a listening ear, or support finding a faith community in Vancouver, Joy is available and would love to connect with you. On a more personal note, a few things that Joy finds life-giving include; seeing young women empowered, hearing a good story and spending time with any and all types of animals.




Carla Evans

Spiritual & Emotional Care Representative

Carla is a gifted administrator, keeping everything running and organized. Her deep calling is to invite others into God's presence in a spirit of stillness and prayer through Spiritual Direction. She's a gifted writer, editor, teacher and leader in spiritual disciplines. Carla holds a B.Sc. and B.Ed. from Western Ontario, an MA in Spiritual Formation from Carey Theological College and trained as a Spiritual Director through Soulstream. She and Jon have three children, Jed (17), Jael (16) and Zoë (13). She enjoys the seawall, guacamole and taking Clover the French Bulldog to the dog beach.




Peter Cheung

Spiritual & Emotional Support Representative

Peter joined the Boundless Vancouver leadership team in 2020 as leader of our Community Ministries. Peter was called into pastoral ministry while working for TELUS as a Senior Business Analyst, and responding to the call he completed his M. Div and ThM at Regent College, and the Certificate in Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care at Booth University College as well. With experience in church leadership, project management, student ministry (P2C) and international missions, Peter's experience is perfect in integrating our community ministries and congregational life. He's a gifted preacher, martial artist, and is really difficult to beat in board games. Peter is also responsible for fundraising for the Pathway of Hope initiative.

Note: Pathway of Hope caseworkers are not settlement workers, career facilitators, counsellors or mental health specialist. If your specific need requires professional help or a specialist, we will connect you with the appropriate services. We do have chaplains on site to handle emotional and spiritual care if needed.


Apply Today!

If you would like help from Salvation Army Boundless Vancouver, please fill out the online form and complete the assessment so we can get to know you better. One of our team members will contact you afterwards about the program.

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