Employment Opportunities

We appreciate your interest in working for our team, as our passionate and hard-working staff forms the backbone of our organization to be what it is. As an organization we strive to cultivate a culture of generosity and selflessness to serve each other and our community. To see  positions available here and at other Salvation Army opportunities in Vancouver click the link below.

In addition to full-time employment, seasonal staff are also key to our success at Boundless Vancouver. Whether it is a seasonal case worker, or a position on the foods team these positions are necessary to keep up with the demands of our community during times like Christmas.

Along with seasonal staff, with the generous funding from The Canadian Government we are able to hire Canada's Summer Jobs positions. These positions support our seasonal programs during the summer such as summer camps, food support programs and year-round programs. These positions can range from working on our foods team, community relations team, frontline support, camp coordination or leadership to administrative work.

To see if we are currently in the hiring process you can visit the Indeed page via the button at the bottom of this page.