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One of the best (and fun!) ways to learn about other cultures is through its cuisine. Since February 2022, with the generous support of an Innovation Grant, we have had the honour of sharing in diverse meals and hearing heritage stories through our Multicultural Cooking classes. Each class is led by a neighbour or volunteer in our community of hope where they generously open the doors to their culture through mouth-watering and popular dishes!

To register and stay up to date on upcoming cooking classes, please stay tuned to the Salvation Army Vancouver on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates.


3213 Fraser Street

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September 12th, 2022

10:30AM - 1PM

“The class is awesome! Everything is great. It widened my horizons as it introduced me to the food culture and history of other countries and places”

-Class Participant

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Vancouver and

Our Food Coordinator collaborates with neighbours and volunteers who come as guest chefs and show us the ropes in making a popular dish from their home country.

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Connect with new friends and learn about foods and diverse cultures from all over the globe in our community cooking classes. Bask in community, warmth, and good music while satisfying your tastebuds and gaining new skills in the kitchen. Ingredients are included with the registration fee.

Please refer to the price chart below for Registration fees*

*Registration fees depend on category of cuisine

  • Appetizer: $5-10
  • Main Course: $10-15
  • Main Course with Appetizer: $15-20
  • Dessert: $10-20

“the cooking class is super informative and well planned. I had lots of fun with my neighbours! Thanks for organising!"

-Class Participant

Next Class

September 2022 – Cooking Class: Nougat & Mango Pudding

Sept Cooking Class

Join us on September 12th to prepare Nougat and Mango Pudding! The details of the class are as follows:

Event dates and time: September 12th, 2022, (Monday) from 10:30AM to 1PM

Location: 3213 Fraser Street, Vancouver, BC

Class fee (with all ingredients included):

CAD $12 per person (with all ingredients included)

Please feel free to call at 604-872-7676 for any inquiries. Many thanks!

Can't wait to see you there!

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