Let’s chat! with Francisco

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Let’s Chat! is a conversational series where we are in conversation with some of our remarkable volunteers and seasonal staff about their experience with The Salvation Army and our Ministry Unit, Boundless Vancouver. Read along as we deep dive into who they are and how they found their community here at Boundless Vancouver.

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Guided by Faith: Francisco's Journey of Finding Hope 

Francisco Gaite is one of our 2023 Pathway of Hope graduates. Life had not been kind to him in recent years, as he faced one hardship after another – strained family relationships, financial hardships, etc. He had lost his job during COVID, and hope seemed to have abandoned him entirely.

Overwhelmed with despair, he felt lost and directionless, until he came across a program called The Pathway of Hope at The Salvation Army Boundless Vancouver which was designed to help individuals like him overcome their struggles and find a new purpose.


The importance of Self-care and setting boundaries

In the beginning, Francisco was still filled with anger, disappointment, frustration and sadness. In particular, he did not feel that he was loved, supported and appreciated by his family though he had already made a lot of sacrifices. But within The Salvation Army Boundless Vancouver, he encountered a group of compassionate staff who welcomed him with open arms. His Pathway of Hope caseworker, Kalvin, offered support, guidance, and most importantly, he taught Francisco to know about the importance of self-care and how to set boundaries in a relationship - he realized that he should pay more attention to his own needs and desires, taking good care of himself before helping others.

As Francisco delved deeper into the program, he also realized that despite the hardships he had endured, he was not abandoned by God. This newfound understanding filled him with a renewed sense of hope and determination.


Getting re-connected with the Community

With his increasing confidence and the encouragement from The Salvation Army Boundless Vancouver, he started to study the ESL-HCA program at the Drake Medox College and in March 2023, he had successfully completed all the courses and obtained a Diploma! He is now more than ready to get connected with the community and rebuild his life.


Becoming an inspiration to others

We are so proud of Francisco. He not only transformed his own life but also became an inspiration to others. He was ready to share his story, spreading hope and encouraging those facing similar struggles to take that first step towards a brighter future. Francisco's journey exemplified the power of faith, and the strong belief that even in the darkest valley, there is a guiding light to lead his way.