Let’s Chat! with Wendy and Jean

Street Spotlights

Let’s Chat! is a conversational series where we are in conversation with some of our remarkable volunteers and seasonal staff about their experience with The Salvation Army and our Ministry Unit, Boundless Vancouver. Read along as we deep dive into who they are and how they found their community here at Boundless Vancouver.


Heartwarming volunteer stories of Jean and Wendy


Wendy is helping with packing and sorting food

There are a thousand reasons for people to embark on volunteer journeys. For Wendy and Jean, their journeys started with a simple reason – to help others when they are still physically fit to do so.

Wendy and Jean have been great friends and often considers each other as their twin sisters. They got to know one another in a dancing class several years ago in Vancouver and since then they have developed a beautiful friendship. They began volunteering with the Salvation Army Boundless Vancouver in 2020 to assist with COVID-19 relief efforts and are now here with us, rain or shine every Monday and Wednesday to help pack and sort food for our food programs. Their enthusiasm and excitement about volunteering always made an impression on everyone here and around them.

– “It’s a calling from God”

“It’s a calling from God – to love others, to care for the poor and to seek holiness,” says Wendy. Wendy is a Christian and she goes to church every week. She heard of Boundless Vancouver from her churchmates one day and her curiosity led her to visit. “When I first arrived here on a Friday morning. I was wondering why there were so many people waiting outside Boundless Vancouver. Then, I realized that this place was providing the community with free breakfast! It also offered emergency food and clothing assistance to the needy,” explains Wendy. “I was so impressed! What Boundless Vancouver is doing is really saving people’s lives and how meaningful it is!” Wendy expressed further. From that moment on, Wendy knew she could partner with Boundless Vancouver. She thus asked her close friend, Jean to join our volunteer team with her.

– Small things make a big difference

“We feel at home when we are at the Salvation Army Boundless Vancouver. It has become our second home!” says Wendy. “People here are extremely supportive, nice and friendly. We work closely together to help those in need in the community” Jean added cheerfully.

While chatting with them, they always emphasized that what they were doing was not worth mentioning at all.  “We are only doing what we can.”  Wendy and Jean chorused. “We are still healthy and full of energy. We just hope to contribute while we are still able to.” Jean supplemented. However, we all know that what they have made a massive difference – their optimism encourages everyone, their smiles melt everyone’s heart and most importantly, their selflessness inspires everyone to help each other!

Jean is helping with the food program

 – “It is a rewarding journey”

When asked how she felt after years of volunteering, Wendy sincerely shared with us her gratitude that I could almost see tears in her eyes as she spoke, “It is a rewarding journey. I meet wonderful people and make some good friends here. I am also glad that I have won my family’s and friends’ support and respect by being a volunteer with the Salvation Army!” Although Wendy and Jean thought that they were busier than in the past as they volunteered in various programs for the Salvation Army and other charity organizations, they found volunteering very fulfilling as it kept motivating them to stay connected with society and people from all walks of life.

Written by Bernice Chiu