Let’s chat! with Max Gielessen

Street Spotlights

Let’s Chat! is a conversational series where we are in conversation with some of our remarkable volunteers and seasonal staff about their experience with The Salvation Army and our Ministry Unit, Boundless Vancouver. Read along as we deep dive into who they are and how they found their community here at Boundless Vancouver.

Max Gielessen is a student from Germany. While he was taking a language course in Vancouver, he thought that it might be great for him to volunteer so as to get to know more about the local community. As introduced by his school, he started volunteering with us at the Nourishing Hope Marketplace on every Tuesday and Thursday. He first started as a sorting and packing volunteer, however, as he found the volunteer work very meaningful, he suggested volunteering with us more frequently and then also volunteered as a personal shopper and a breakfast server to give out food to families and neighbours!

I did not have high expectation when I came to The Salvation Army Boundless Vancouver. However, since the first day I knew I was at the right place!

One thing he really appreciated a lot as a volunteer at Boundless Vancouver was that everyone surrounding him gave him a lot of support and encouragement so he did not have to worry about doing anything wrong, making mistakes, allowing him to stay very focused on his tasks and help the neighbours as a volunteer here.

Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to volunteer with Boundless Vancouver staff and other volunteers. I am taking home with me very important experience and great memories, which will definitely have a positive impact on my future! It was a great pleasure volunteering at Boundless Vancouver.

Although he had already been back to Germany to continue his studies in his home country, we will never forget that we once had a very cheerful, hardworking and helpful volunteer called Max Gielessen! Thank you so much, Max!