Coronavirus, Vancouver, and The Salvation Army

Dear Vancouver,

Vancouver has never seen a crisis like this before. Working nearly 20 years in Vancouver, I've shared life with people in vulnerable situations in Vancouver’s DTES, hospitals, and prisons. Still, I’ve not seen something affect us as deeply as what is happening now. The outbreak of COVID-19 has led to mass organizational shutdowns, leaving so many people without the critical programs and services they rely on. Where can people turn to for essentials? Who do we turn to when we are realizing anxiety over all these changes and breaking news stories?

The Salvation Army remains open and serving Vancouver’s most vulnerable.

Many of our grandparents told us those stories from WW1 where when they needed socks, donuts, somewhere to be warm and safe - they could turn to “The Sally Ann.” The Salvation Army was right there with those soldiers, on both fronts, caring for and loving their neighbours. The same exists today. We know God cares for people. He taught us that the greatest love is when we lay down our lives for each other. Our staff and volunteers are positioned on the front lines now to offer food and resources. Even more, we offer a listening ear and a caring heart.

This is a time to consider hope. Our hope has always been in Jesus, but over time our tendency can be to misplace our hope in people, government, doctors, the economy, or elsewhere. These times can be alarming and we can learn about our own internal environment. Let’s take each mention of coronavirus to say a prayer. Yes, let’s do our best to stay healthy and safe, and let us put our full hope in Jesus. It’s a wonderful time to share the hope we have in Christ with how we talk and live. We can overcome this with each other and God’s help.

If we are real, we will admit life will not be “normal” for quite some time. Many in Vancouver will not have work or school. There are increasing demands and fewer places are open to provide support for Vancouver. We will need your help and generosity. If you are able and healthy we will need trusty volunteers to receive, sort and distribute donations.

We have seen the line ups for toilet paper and the hoarding of cleaning supplies.What about those who don’t have a car and must choose between cleaning or food?

You can help those with the most need in Vancouver by donating new cleaning supplies and non-perishable food to our office at 3213 Fraser Street. If you do not have supplies please consider donating to us so we can approach wholesalers for essential supplies. Join us in Giving Hope Today.


Salvation Army Boundless Vancouver

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