Christmas Toy Shop 2022 – Individual Signup

Christmas Toy Shop Signup:

Please fill out this section in order to apply for the Christmas Toy Shop Program.

Please read these important notes before applying:

  • Information provided on this application will be verified during intake before your Toy Shop experience.
  • Canadian Government issued ID for all parties listed in this application are needed during intake on your appointment day.
  • Please apply to one toy assistance program this season. We collaborate with other agencies and organizations to assist each family one time.
  • Determine your eligibility for the program with the income assessment criteria listed below.

Sorry, we are currently only serving residents of Vancouver and Burnaby. Please contact your local non-profit organizations if you are in need of toys this Holiday Season.

Income Assessment:

Note that in order to qualify for the Christmas Toy Drive you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Have your primary source of income be be either PWD benefits or Income Assistance, OR
  • Have a total household income, based on your family size, lower than outlined in the following table

Number in Family Unit     

Maximum Monthly Net income     

Maximum Annual Net Income     

2 family members

$ 2,221

$ 26,652

3 family members

$ 2,765

$ 33,188

4 family members

$ 3,450

$ 41,406

5 family members

$ 3,929

$ 47,148

6 family members

$ 4,357

$ 52,289

7 family members

$ 4,785

$ 57,430

Note that The Salvation Army will still need to verify your income in person before allowing you to access the Christmas Toy Drive.

Please note that you will need to bring documentation to prove that you the legal guardian for all children in the following section.

Please fill out the following demographic information so we may better serve our community:

Community Needs Assessment:

Please fill out this section to help us better understand which programs you might be interested in, so we may better serve our community. Note that you may choose to not fill out this section now and you will be given the opportunity to fill it out in person during your visit.

Section 1: Programs which we currently offer

Pathway of Hope is a 4 -12 month intensive adult mentorship initiative for Vancouver neighbours that wish to take back control of their lives. Practical, emotional/spiritual, and community care will be provided during the journey, in the hopes of bringing holistic stability to the neighbour.

Brave Circles is a ten-month mentorship program which runs from September-June for teen girls ages 12-16. Brave Circles exists to see youth empowered and supported through stable and healthy relationships with their mentors and peers.

Section 2: Programs which we are considering offering in the future

Consent to Collection of Information:

Please enter your initials below to indicate that you consent to the collection of the above information by The Salvation Army.