Morning Coffee Finance

Finance is essential to everyone, but it is a skill that few are taught; the majority of individuals must make mistakes of their own to learn. To cut past the difficulties of the finance world, The Salvation Army: Pathway of Hope has partnered with Ivan Chen and Enoch Weng, from Rise Above Finance, to host Morning Coffee Finance.

Morning Coffee Finance is a free public event where Vancouver neighbours can access free financial advice and education from qualified financial advisors. Enoch Weng and Ivan Chen are passionate about poverty reduction and individual finance coaching.

The workshop takes a casual format, allowing for discussion while enjoying coffee and pastries. Enoch and Ivan hope to answer any questions to help you best on your financial journey.


Free Registration

Sessions will be held in-person at 3213 Fraser Street, Vancouver, BC, V5V 4B8

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Community Partnerships:

Morning Finance Partnership
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Rise Above Finance

Mr Enoch Weng and Ivan Chen are the co-founders of Rise Above Finance, a Financial group that uses the the principles and wisdom found in the scripture of the bible to help individuals reach and maintain their financial goals. Rise Above Finance was created to help Christians take action in achieving extraordinary transformation through realigning their finances to their values and purpose.