What is Brave?

BRAVE is a catalytic movement for girls.


BRAVE intentionally reaches girls in vulnerable situations (foster care/probation/poverty/etc).

BRAVE sees empowerment as the GOAL. We want girls to be strong and free.

BRAVE celebrates diversity—all colors, shapes & sizes!

BRAVE connects the community and the local organizations to work together.

BRAVE believes girls are the solution not the problem.


Boundless Vancouver offers a variety of Brave with the aim of empowering girls. Please see below to learn more about Brave Circles, Brave Boutique and Brave Together.

Brave Boutique

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Brave Boutique is an annual free back-to-fall shopping event for female-identifying youth ages 12-18. This year's Brave Boutique was held on August 15, 2022 in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

All attendees had an opportunity to shop for free, book an on-site appointment with a local hair salon for a haircut or styling, receive a free meal and experience a day of empowerment. Items in the boutique include new or gently used clothing of all sizes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, hygiene products, crafts, cosmetics and more!

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Brave Circles


Brave Circles is a ten-month mentorship program for girls ages 12-16. Brave Circles exists to see teenaged girls empowered and equipped through stable and healthy relationships with their mentors and peers.


The program consists of 3 main components:

Mentor/ Mentee Meetings

Brave mentors and mentees meet 1-on-1 at least two times a month to:

  • Plan and do recreational activities together (i.e. hiking, movies, coffee).
  • Plan and do life-skill building activities together (i.e. budgeting, cooking, laundry).
  • Set and work towards accomplishing youth-established goals

Mentors/Mentees Gatherings

Mentors and mentees meet together monthly to share a meal, learn life skills, and have fun together. These gatherings are held to explore the following:

  • Health (i.e. eating, exercise, mental health)
  • Interpersonal skills (i.e. communication, healthy boundaries)
  • Recreational activities (i.e painting, hiking, beading.)
  • Other life skills (time management, resumes, cooking, and more!)

Mentor Training and Support Session

Our mentors gather together monthly for:

  • Peer support (share experiences, connect, encourage, etc.)
  • Education and skill development (goal setting, cultural humility, active listening, etc.)

Apply for Brave Circles


To get involved with Brave Circles as a mentor or mentee, please fill out an application below and send us an email:

Key Dates - 2022


July 27 - Brave Information Session 1

August 24  - Brave Information Session 2

August 31 - Mentor Applications Due

August 31 - Mentee Applications Due

September 14 and 21 - Mentor Training Sessions

October 5 - Brave 2022 Launch


Interested in attending an info session? Email us at brave@salvationarmyvancouver.com today! 

Ways to Get Involved

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